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Why Transport is Important


Animal Rescues work tirelessly to save homeless animals from overpopulated shelters and find them forever homes. Because the more crowded a shelter becomes, the more likely they are to euthanize. 


Did you know that once an animal finds its way into an overcrowded shelter, they have 48 hours before they end up on the high-risk euthanasia list? 48 HOURS!! Sadly, there are so many amazing, loving perfect pets that end up on that list.


To remedy this, many times rescues will work together for the greater good. They all have the same goal. To save as many pets as possible. If a known shelter is overcrowded and has a high euthanasia rate, several rescues step up to pull animals, find fosters, cover medical costs, temporarily board and organize a transport to a state that isn’t crowded. Thousands and thousands of animals are saved this way every year.


This process isn’t easy and requires the help of many amazing volunteers. But it is so rewarding to be a part of. I can tell you, several times I’ve delivered animals to a transport pick up location and peered inside the van at the 50-70 animals that are on their way to a better life. 


You can’t help but say to yourself…”we did a good thing.” And the emotions will move you to tears. But even though dozens of volunteers donate their time to make it happen, there are still expenses that add up. They need a van, gas, drivers, animal crates and food for as much as 70 animals. 


That’s where Toys for Transport comes in. Just purchase any toy on our site and use the TFT code at check out and the proceeds will go directly to funding transports. What a win-win! Your pet enjoys a new toy and the funds raised help save lives.

You may also make a tax-deductible donation in any amount you choose.

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