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Personal Memberships

Join Rescue Markets simply by logging in and creating your own personal profile. No charge to join. Just an open invitation to become part of our community of animal lovers. It will also give you access to all the amazing special events, features, and product promotions we have planned to help our animal rescue partners.



We encourage all nonprofit animal rescues, rescue groups, & animal shelters to join Rescue Markets. You just need to create a profile so we can issue your organization a Halo Code.  Welcome to the start of our journey together. Every step we take will help give loving animals a longer lease on life.

Animal Rescues
Pet Sitters

Pet Sitter Memberships

Welcome to Rescue Markets and thank you for the joy you bring every day to our extended families. Just log in, create your profile, and list your favorite animal rescue organization in your profile. We'll donate the proceeds to the animal rescue you choose. From all of us at Rescue Markets, it's great to have you in the family.


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