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Picadillo Chili Relleno Casserole with Chipotle Ceasar Salad in this week's Rescue Meals at

  • Bolognese Lasagna, Garlic Knots & Ceasar Salad in this week's Rescue Meals at

  • Smokehouse Sundays was a blast yesterday thank you to everyone who purchased meals to help us with this week's handouts and meal deliveries.

  • Just finished a batch of Corn Relish it's so good on hot dogs, for Mexican street corn dip, chicken breast or to finish nachos with. It's 5.95 for pint jars or you can come sample it at Taco Tuesday. Taco Tuesday Party Packs | Pet Sitters Care ( All proceeds will help Wednesday Angels.

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    Welcome to Wednesdays Angels we're dedicated to paying it fo...


    • 5 ott gio | 'Pizza, Pizza, Pizza, Mama Mia Thatsa Good!'

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